In case of loss of employment or death, in the first 12 months of your acquisition, get reimbursed for up to a maximum of $25,000 in mortgage payments. Even monthly condominium fees are covered!

How to benefit from Mortgage Protection

  • buy your property through a Via Capitale broker,
  • obtain your mortgage loan through a representative from one of the financial institutions approved by Via Capitale.

Additional benefits of our financing solutions

  • a “customized” mortgage loan, at among the best conditions and rates on the market,
  • a single window concept to buy and finance your property,
  • access to the best promotions on the market, such as 9 free months, cash rebates and other attractive offers,
  • the possibility to obtain a preapproved mortgage at no charge to lock in the mortgage rate, shop for properties that fit your budget and present a strong purchase offer to the seller.


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